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E-cigaret – An Ultimate Solution That Aids Compulsive Smokers

Addictions can be dangerous, especially when it adversely affects your health. Yes, we are talking about the tobacco smokers, who are rising substantially in India, and all over the world. According to the World Health Organization quitting tobacco can save millions of lives annually.

Tobacco is smoked in multiple forms that include – Beedi, Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipe Smoking, Hookah and more, but all they are equally dangerous to health. However, with the growing health concern coupled with the difficulty associated in cessation of smoking tobacco, modern world has found a new substitute – The electronic cigarettes.


What Do You Mean By Electronic Cigarettes?

An electronic device that can simulate the tobacco smoking experience, and help a compulsive e-cigaretter quit tobacco is referred to as an electronic cigarette. The device is filled with a substance called as e-liquid. The major component of e-liquid is generally aerosol (Combination of Nicotine, Chemicals & Flavors).

The electronic cigarettes are non-combustible, as the e-liquid used in e-cigs is generally heated to produce vapors. Thus, shifting from regular cigarettes containing tobacco to the evolved e-cigs will help you eliminate the use of ashtrays.

What Led to the Creation of Electronic Cigarettes?

Hon Lik, a 52 year old pharmacist, a smoker and an inventor was inspired from his father’s death due to smoking of traditional cigarettes containing tobacco, and the incident influenced him to create world’s first electronic cigarette in China.

E-Liquids/ e-væske Are Less Harmful

Unlike the regular cigarettes that contain tobacco (the root cause of cancer) – The electronic cigarettes contain e-liquid that are free from tobacco and cause one tenth harm to their users. These cigarettes are free from harmful components (carbon monoxide, tar and other harmful components) that degrade the environment.

The electronic cigarettes contain nicotine that is harmful to health, and have been successful in reducing deaths due to cancer. Being a perfect alternative for regular cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes are accepted worldwide.