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Why is a די ג’יי better than a musical band?

Have you ever been to a club or disco and watched a DJ in live action? Isn’t it great to see all the people dancing to his/her tunes? So how about getting a די ג’יי for the next party at your house? Your guests will surely enjoy hitting the dance floor.

Why do people nowadays prefer a די ג’יי over a musical band?

Engaged couples planning for their wedding always argue between a DJ and a band. Earlier, people always wanted to have the best live bands at their weddings, and they would book months in advance. But now most couples/families prefer a good DJ who can keep the guests involved with the non-stop music.

Certain factors make a דיג’ייmore preferable than a band

די ג'יי

  • With a DJ, the music is non-stop, but bands play live, so they need to take breaks between songs.
  • DJs play a variety of songs for every age group which is not possible for a band. They will play only those songs that they know.
  • A DJ does not require all the musical instruments which a band needs. He/she has the equipment necessary to address the requests of the guests.
  • Guests will stand and watch a band play, but a DJ will keep them on the dance floor. Therefore the focus of attention remains with the couple and not the person on the stage.
  • Lastly, a good wedding band costs way more than a good wedding DJ.

Questions you need to ask before hiring him/her

A דיג’יי לחתונה is a sound investment when you plan to have a wedding focusing on the dance party. However, you can ask a few questions before booking one for your party. Does he/she perform only at weddings or other parties as well? Will he/she be able to take requests and play songs from all genres?

A good DJ will always try to keep the crowd involved. Therefore choose a professional DJ to make your wedding the most memorable day of our life.